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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wentworth Miller's Law Essay Exam Writing System - LEEWS

Wentworth Miller is my hero. I have emailed with him personally to thank him for his teaching. If I were to value what I learned from him, I would estimate that it is worth at least the cost of one year's law school tuition, easily two-hundred times what I paid for it. The going price for LEEWS is around $175, but if I has to do it again, I would be wiling to drop at least $10,000 for it. The teaching also transfers to the bar exam, making LEEWS worth far more than a bar review course.

I stumbled upon LEEWS when I was starting my first year of law school. It is an amazing system that teaches you exactly what professors want to see on law school essay exams. The lowest grade I have ever received on one of these exams is an A- and I attribute much of this consistency to LEEWS.

From the LEEWS Website:

LEEWS is an innovative, proven, comprehensive and science of both preparing for and taking the problematic, "hypothetical-type" law essay exam featured in all law schools and on all bar exams.

Applicable to all subjects, LEEWS is actually three systems – 1) a disciplined, three-step approach to breaking any essay exercise down into manageable components that reveal "issues" – issue identification system; 2) a consistent format for presenting issue analysis in concise paragraphs – presentation system; 3) a regimen of day-to-day, week-to-week preparation geared to effective implementation of system #1 (e.g., 2-4 line [exam-focused] case briefing; 30-50 page course outlining) – daily/weekly preparation system.

The most important advantage LEEWS provides is the best instruction ever devised for inculcating the critical skill of thinking/analyzing "as a lawyer."*

LEEWS provides precise, hands-on guidance respecting what, exactly, to do at all times and at every phase of both taking (main focus) and preparing for any law essay exam. (Also assists with so-called objective exams – multiple choice, short answer, true/false.) Compared with LEEWS, current omnipresent, ineffective, IRAC-based exam writing/preparation instruction merely scratches the surface of what law students can and need to know.

Acquiring LEEWS (thereby ensuring law school success) is remarkably inexpensive – $135 for the live program (less for groups, includes manual/primer); $175 for the equally effective audio CD program. (The latter probably more effective, providing you do it!)