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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Eleven Things Every Summer Associate Needs to Know

A Recommended Article by Vivia Chen

Photo Credit: Maridav
via Viva Chen
Many young law careers are made or broken during the summer after 2L year.  Students fortunate enough to become summer associates at large law firms are generally in the position that if they do well, they will receive a very solid job offer.

In this recommended article, Vivia Chen suggests that summer associates think of their summer jobs as though they were first dates in long-term relationships. This will drive you, make you consider how your actions might affect you long term, and push you to put your best foot forward. Being fully engaged will also make the work more interesting. Remember, the legal world is a small world. Even though your summer firm may not be your forever firm, the reputation you earn there will follow you wherever you go.  Especially in Connecticut, the legal community is rather tight-knit.

In this recommended article, Vivia Chen outlines eleven solid tips for making the most out of being a summer associate.  You read the full article HERE.