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Friday, May 18, 2018

Surviving a Tornado – How to Navigate Insurance Claims in the Wake of the Recent Connecticut Storm

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Five minutes after I parked my car, a Tree fell on it.

On Tuesday, May 15th I pulled into my driveway, in my small Connecticut neighborhood, under a grey sky. As soon as I walked in the house, the lights flickered. And then suddenly there was a loud “Crack!” and “Crash!” and the sound of breaking glass. I looked out the window and trees were bent 90 degrees, then snapping, and then flying up instead of falling down. And as quickly as it came, it passed.

When I stepped outside, my first thought was that my car has seen better days. My second thought was that my whole neighborhood had seen better days.
Do you think the TV still works?
As I walked down the street surveying the damage, my neighbors started emerging from their homes like survivors in a post-apocalyptic movie. We speculated that it might have been a Tornado and that later proved to be true.
If I'm reading this correctly, it's bad to be in the "red" area.

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